Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I’m prepared for battle & Aqua & Red Swap.

Ok so I came armed today. I have a new autumn floral arrangement I made last night & into which I slipped several branches of eucalyptus leaves (Google says that it repels the little devils). I also bought some spray that I have sprayed around & under my desk twice so far today. I think it is really for spraying on pets, but it was the only thing I found other than foggers at Wally World for fleas.

So let’s move on from my disgusting flea ridden thong baring co-workers & look at something fun. I mailed off my Aqua & Red Swap package last week. According to the lady at the post office it should be there in 4-7 days but it has a long ways to go so I am leaning toward the 7 day mark.

I am really happy with the way the bag came out. I got the pattern from this Japanese craft book (ISBN: 4391620715). If you haven’t seen this one, check it out. I love it! There are many more crafty little projects that I plan to make from this one.

Here is a before picture of the thrifted scarf that I used for the lining of the bag.

I wish that I could have gotten a better picture of that but they all looked terrible. Maybe when my partner receives it she can get a better picture of the inside.


Stacy said...

OOOh, I love the bag! What is the fabric that you used for the outside of the bag?

Glad to hear you found some spray for your desk!

autum said...

I love it!!!

MéLisa said...

I answered Stacy in an e-mail about the fabric but incase anyone else if wondering this is the low down on it…..

Believe it or not that fabric is from Wal-Mart. It is something that they regularly carry. I think that it is cotton, but it has kind of a looser weave linen look to it. I was looking for something a little darker tan but I liked this because it has little flecks of darker bits on it & some sluby type nubs on it, but they are pretty small.

beki said...

That bag is awesome!

capello said...

::swoon:: Oh so pretty!

LLA said...

The pockets!
The lining on the underside of the handle!
The fabulous lil bug!

I. Love. This!
So beautifully done... your swap partner will be thrilled!

(and are those penguins I see on the little pouches?)

Anonymous said...

Your swap partner loves her purse and all that is in the parcel.
Thank you so much Me'lisa....I will certainly be showing off this bag. Love the lining and the dragonfly is gorgeous.
I have posted some photos on my blog but they don't do the bracelet justice. The dragonfly clasp is just so dainty.
You are so thoughtful with all the gifts xxx

babybug said...

great bag!