Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nebraska, Who knew?

I joined Wren’s Nest’s Tea Towel swap a while ago. I got my partner info & really have been trying to figure out what I am going to do for her. She is from Nebraska & likes to decorate in reds & yellows. That is as far as we have gotten in the “getting to know each other” dept. so far. She’s going to college full time & it sounds like she has a full house as well.

So I said to myself, “Self let’s learn something about Nebraska & go from there”. This is what I have learned about Nebraska:

Kool-Aid was created there in 1927 by Edwin Perkins.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has its headquarters in Nebraska City & was founded by J. Sterling Morton.

Also there is a huge list of actors & actresses from Nebraska, Johnny Carson, Marlon Brando.

Also President Ford is originally from Nebraska, he also has ties to SW MI. He attended the U of M & played football. Pretty neat, huh?

State motto: Eqality Before the Law
State slogan: Nebraska, possibilities….endless
State bird: Western Meadowlark
State aminal: White-tailed Deer
State Fish: Channel Catfish
State insect: Honeybee (this I thought was pretty cool because my name means Honeybee in Greek, just like Melissa does)
State flower: Goldenrod
State tree: Cottonwood
State fossil: Mammoth
State song: Beautiful Nebraska
The estimated population for the entire state of Nebraska for 2005 was 1,758,787!!! Ok let me tell you that the county that I grew up in, in FL, Palm Beach County, had an estimated population of 1,268,548 for 2005!!! The state of FL for 2005, 17,789,864!

Oh my goodness I love Nebraska already! I have a dream that if I ever win the lotto that I will buy at least 300 acres somewhere that is really pretty with hills & trees. I would plunk a modest 3 bedroom, at least 3 ½ bathroom house (I HATE sharing a bathroom), with gourmet kitchen & a studio, right in the center of those 300 acres. That way I do not have to even hear my neighbors much less see them. We had an issue with our last house in FL that we had to put up with the neighbor’s music thumping into our bedroom at all hours of the night, then on the other side, they had a child that was a screamer. Screamed all the time, I understand that kids make noise, but to stand at the fence & scream bloody murder every time hubby made a pass with the mower, is a bit much. Here in MI we have had to deal with the neighbor’s son setting up a BMX track & sex tent on our property & their dogs killing at least 4 of our chickens. We don’t seem to have the best luck with neighbors.

Ok so that is about it for now. Anyone have any suggestions for my tea towels? I am starting to get some ideas, but would love to hear your thoughts……

PS can I tell you how fun I had researching that? I love doing searches for things, even in school I enjoyed researching papers & project, the writing of said paper/project, not so much. Now if I could just find a job that paid me to find facts about random subjects that would be something. Hmmm……


LLA said...

V. interesting stuff about Nebraska! I did not know, indeed...

And, oh my word, you *do* have bad luck with neighbors! We've had some that we have liked more than others, and we've even had a few that we loved and missed terribly when they moved... Oh wait, we did have one crazy neighbor, and I'm not just being unkind when I say that - she was an extreme bipolar case who hated taking her meds. She was a piece of work, I'll tell you. But it sounds like she was a cake walk compared to some of yours...

(and I have to ask.....ummm? sex tent? Do I even want to know???)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really do your research!! Good job!!


bekka said...

i recently learned that fact about kool aid from a nebraska native. hope you're well on your way with the tea towel swap. since she likes red and yellow, and kool aid is a perfect dye..... you could dye white emboirdery floss with KA or the towels themselves?