Friday, September 15, 2006

Just a little update post:

I haven’t gotten to work on my BBQ Dress at all this week. Pout pout. Instead I have to work on this.

Which I need to have finished for this Sat night. Nothing like waiting to the last second. Oh well what can, I say.

I do however have a sneak peek of my BBQ dress fabric & trims for you. It has been raining here since last Sat so my picture is a little dark, sorry.

Let’s see what else….Oh yes I received my Red & Orange swap box this week! I have pictures but they are still on the camera at home. I hope I can post them on Mon. along with the birthday gift pictures.

That sadly is about all I have for now. I am still trying to figure out to do for my tea towel designs, I have the Aqua & Red swap to finish up so I can mail it next week. Then I need to also be seriously thinking about my Coloriffic Oct Purple & Orange swap to be mailed between Sept 25th & Oct 5th. I have ideas, now to finds enough hours in the day to complete them.

The sun is actually out today so I have high hopes that will help push me out of my slump. That rain was getting to be a bit much, we already have the one huge figurative black cloud hanging over the house, 6 days of the really thing was pushing it!

So my plans for when I get off at 2pm this fine afternoon? Run in & out of the across town thrift store, in & out of Wally World, pick up two 50lb bags of laying mash, return the library books & pick up this gem: Pure Style living
I have been hearing a lot about it & as luck would have it my library actually has it! Maybe it will help me fix my life. What’s that you say, it’s not a miracle worker? Well a girl can dream, can't she?

Have a great weekend All!

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LLA said...

You've got a lot on your plate! Hope the weekend is fun, and that you find a little snippet of time to sit down with the new book and pour over it....