Monday, September 18, 2006

A “Kathy K” Mug sighting!

Ok this is definitely by the same person that painted my thrifted mugs. I wish this seller would have put a little more info in their listing though. How am I supposed to get more info on my mugs if they are so vague!? The nerve of some people! So anyway there are more out there than just my 3 by the mysterious “Kathy K”. Apparently there are more “lines” or “series” or whatever you want to call them. And according to this seller they are “collectible”!

Great, but where they find out that they are collectible!?
Darn vague Ebay seller! Cute mug though!

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

Looking at the sellers other items, they are simply trying to put in as many words as possible to bring people to their listing. I think they ran out of descriptive words and settled for collectable. I sometimes throw the word rare out there if I can't find many of them for sale. I'll keep an eye out for more of these mugs. I haven't ever seen them before.