Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Send me your happy thoughts......Please.

Ok fellow bloggers I know this will be an odd post for most because I have not really blogged about our house “Problem”. It is a horrible horrible situation to be in, let me assure you. Without going into great detail because I just don’t think this is the place for it we have been given until Oct first to fix something that someone else did 16 years ago when the house we bought 2 ½ years ago was built or they are going to seek to have our home condemned. The biggest problem is that the Township we live in has been negligent for the last 16 years, allowed us to unknowingly purchase what apparently is an illegally built home (but permits were pulled so how is that?) using state licensed realtors on both sides of the transaction & are now coming after us for the problems that we didn't create. I might add that the home is perfectly safe, has been inspected 3 times, & has been lived in since 1990. Oh and the Township has been collecting residential taxes on it for as many years as well.

So anyway what I would like to ask is that you all send your prayers, good thoughts, Karma, and such our way for the next few weeks as we face this challenge. Today I acted on what we have been saving as our absolute last resort. We were advised by our attorney not to go down this road a couple months ago, but that was before we got this Oct 1st deadline & we are getting desperate for help. Our attorney I might add has not returned our phone calls in over a month, but was the only attorney out of the 9 that we have spoken to that was even willing to take our case. So send your positive waves our way, because I am afraid that we have a very long & challenging road ahead of us. Not that the last nine months haven’t been the worst I could have possibly imagined. So I put my faith in God that this was the right path to take & thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, etc as well.

So I leave you with a picture of me in another one of my costumes that was taken in our front yard in the Spring of 2005 when all was still right with the world & I didn’t hate our beautiful little piece of the country.


Angela said...

Wow. That sucks. I'm sending you the good vibes. I hope things work out for you two. That must be terrible and stressful.
You look great in that costume. You can really sew lady! ;-)

autum said...

Me'Lisa, I hope things go your way. What a terrible situation to be in, I'm so sorry. Have you contacted anyone in the local media? Maybe you could generate some sympathetic attention your way that would make things uncomfortable for the powers that be of the township. Just a thought.??
You look beatiful in that photo by the way!

LLA said...

Oh - my heart goes out to you (along with some good vibes...) I am so sorry for this.

I second Autum's idea of getting the local media involved. Is there any sort of Investigative Reporting team on any of the local news stations? A Consumer Advocate?

Have you talked with the attorney who handled the closing? Is this anything that your title insurance can help with?

And as a last resort - is there anyone *you* can sue? I typically think that people are way too quick to be litigious in this day and age - however, it seems like you should be able to go after the person who sold you the house (or if they genuinely didn't know there was a problem, the builder??)

I also second Autum's opinion of you in your dress... Both you and it are lovely!

beki said...

My goodness, how horrible! I can't even imagine. Prayers, karma, voodoo, chicken dance, whatever I can muster is on the way!!

You do look stunning in your costume.

capello said...

Pretty dress and gardens... but your home? How can that happen? Have you contacted the person who built it?

Michigan can be so *weird*.

Anonymous said...

My prayers, good thoughts and karma are with you and your family.
What a horrible thing to happen to you. Hope you beat them....
Love the outfit and setting of your picture.
Hang in There Me'Lisa xxx