Friday, September 08, 2006

A little of this & a little of that…..

I am just not as clever as Autum to come up with a food analogy for my post. So that’s as good as it gets. Although I am sure I will think of the perfect one about 10 minutes after I post this.

Speaking of food, my Friendship Bread post did not attract the reaction I expected! Goodness now I am concerned that I might poison anyone who eats it or at the very least give them a wicked case of gas (Thanks Beki , yeah tmi) Hey, on the other hand that might be a good thing, “Local pervert dies from poisoned coffee cake served at office. News at 11:00”. Hmmm Or even better yet “Local corrupt Building inspector dies from Friendship bread that was left at Township off, No great loss. News at 11:00” Ha! I can amuse myself so easily.

So I found about a ba-gillion (hey it’s a word, look it up) recipe variations for using the friendship bread starter on the internet. Which is good because if we don’t get sick from it, it might be fun to see how many I can get through before totally forgetting about it & having to pitch it. In case anyone is interested (based on the responses I am guessing not) here is the link to one of the sites that had the most recipe here. I am thinking that maybe I should write a cookbook on it. Surely if there are cookbooks for this & this the world needs a cookbook for 101 ways to use Friendship Bread starter, right?

So onto the hair front, I think that I have my new fall 2006 do picked out, thanks to the fabulous home renovation diva, LLA , who mentioned that Sandra Bullock had a new short do. Really? I love her! So after a trusty Google search I found this. Complete with instruction from cutting to styling. Yippy! I probably will not end up with this exact cut though. I take in a picture of something I like & my stylist (sounds fancy huh?) & I tweak it. I’ll have to let you know what we come up with. I am sure that John will be bummed as he is a long hair kind of guy, but like I tell that is because you don’t have to deal with it.

So next I had the brilliant idea of making a new Victorian dress for the annual BBQ that a fellow cowboy shooter puts on every year. I wore my red, navy & white dress last year & that was a big hit. Not everyone is a cowboy shooter or dresses up so you get a lot of oh’s & auh’s. Also this dress is much fancier than anything I wear to local shoots.

So here is what I am thinking, once I get Miz Gina’s approval that is, the skirt will be from this pattern, probably view B & the bodice from this one I haven’t completely decided on the neckline yet, but I am thinking ¾ sleeves with ruffles at the cuff. So on to the fabric I have four yards of this that I will use for the overskirt (apron looking part, for non costumers) & the front & back of the bodice. Then I have a tan/gold fabric the same color as the mums that I think I will use for the underskirt & the sleeves of the bodice. I also have a bluish purple the same as the darker background color on the mums that I am thinking I will use for alternating ruffles with the tan on the bottom of the skirt & on the sleeves. I know that I have more tan than blue so I think that will be the best use of those. Also I have a neat tassel fringe in that perfectly matches the bluish purple that I want to use on the over skirt. It will really show up against the tan of the underskirt. It’s similar to this only no bead. My only concern is that it will blend in with the overskirt. I will sew it to the hem like in the drawing but I would like for it to stand out. . I do have tan/gold ribbon that I might be able to do something with. Hmmmm….. Oh, did I mention that the BBQ is on at the end of the month. Yeah, nothing like coming up with a great idea at the second.

So I think that is about it. Hope everyone has a great weekend & with nay luck I might have something thrifted or sewn to share next week!


beki said...

Oh dear, my gas made your post!

Your costume sounds fabulous! That sure is an interesting thing to be involved with. What exactly goes on at a cowboy shooter BBQ? I've never heard of that.

Angela said...

You're an interesting lady. I have no words of wisdom on the bread. I do, like Sandra's new do and I've been looking for something I want to do with my hair for months now! I gotta be able to do it at home though. I hope you post some photos of yours.
The costume making sounds awesome and impressive. I look forward to seeing it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH girl!! I have never seen that GORGEOUS dress!! What do you need help from me with!! You so totally rock!! How fun!!

Anonymous said...

The above post was from me!!