Monday, September 25, 2006

Out damn spots OUT!

Or more appropriately fleas out damn fleas. Ok so that is bad enough because you are thinking goodness this girl has a flea infestation at her house. Oh but see you are wrong dear reader. I have not one flea at MY house. My co-worker on the other hand apparently has a serious flea problem at HER house, because I have had fleas jump onto my desk twice now when she has come to give me a phone message/fax/etc. Honestly don’t I endure enough by having to see the Thong Color of the Day when ever she is sitting/standing/bending over? Now I have to be infested by fleas because she can’t seem to get rid of them??? Really how bad is the flea problem your house that they are jumping from you onto my desk??? And why on God’s green Earth can’t you get ride of them? And why oh why won’t my boss do something about them, seeing as I have told her 4 times about this problem, along with the other person that this has also happened to? So help me if I get fleas in my house or on Puppy Dog someone is going to get an ass kicking!

Now who knows some hill jack, natural, sure fire, been used for 10 generations way of getting rid of/repelling the fleas from my desk area that doesn’t scream I am trying to rid my desk area of your filthily fleas you heathen???!!! UGH!!!!!

***** I should add that Puppy Dog is not lying in a pile of filth, but John was working in the attic that day & she spent the day lying at the foot of his ladder, in the middle of the blown in insulation that rains down every time he has to get in the attic. It’s the non fiberglass kind so I did make her move. I think she felt she could keep an eye on us both from there. Isn’t she a sweetie?


Stacy said...

Reading your post made me itch all over. Did you see Wife Swap last week? One of the families had fleas - and it didn't even seem to bother them. I wish I had a remedy for you!

LLA said...

I don't know what about your co-worker makes me wants to say "ew" more: the flea thing, or the subjecting her co-workers to her thong thing. At any rate, both are just plain tacky. (She is obviously not Southern. If she were, her momma would have taught her better - on both counts!)

beki said...

Geeze Louise, now that's what I call a serious flea problem!