Friday, March 09, 2007

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward

Thank goodness it is Friday! What a week. Way too much drama for my liking! Drama at home, drama at work, drama with out of state family. Oy! The good thing is I won’t bore you all with it & it appears that everything is working it’s self out. Well there will always be the drama at work, I mean come on I work with the DQ (Drama Queen). How could there not be?!

So even though the rest of my world was in upheaval this week the mail was kind to me.

I received my March Coloriffic Swap-o-rama package, blues & greens, from Lyn of Florspace. Thank you!!!

What a package it is!
Coloriffic Swap-o-rama ~ March 2007 - Rec'd

She made me a monogrammed bag & some adorable cloth coasters! (I have had these on the to do list for months, yeah I can check them off!).

There is candy, bittersweet chocolate (yum!), beads(love love love em), a mechanical pencil (I can never have enough of these!), a bandana, a teddy bears, wooden box, crocheted flower, cell phone leash (great idea!), fabric & a really pretty zipper pouch. Can you ever have too many bags of assorted sizes? I don’t think so!

I love the fabric My favorite is the one on the far right, but they are all so pretty!:
Coloriffic Swap-o-rama, March '07, rec'd

Also I might add that she has an Etsy Shop with some really cute pouches & bags, incase you are looking for a little something or a great little gift. Thanks Lyn!

Then I the other night I get home & John asks me who I know in New Mexico (other than the people that he knows too that is). Of course I told him my Sugar Daddy (don't I wish!!!) I look at the fat little envelope & realize that it’s from Raesha! I opened it up to find this:
CAOK ~ From Raesha!

I was so surprised to be on the receiving end of Raesha’s CAOK! I am so touched that she thought to include me. I love the papers that she sent & the card is adorable! It has my favorite Black Capped Chickadee on it! I am supposed to send him on to someone else. Hmmmm……..
I know that she off on vaca with little Miss S but Thank You Thank You, Sweet lady!

If you aren’t familiar with the term check out African Kelli who started, CAOK ~ Calculated Acts Of Kindness. I know that this has been said a lot lately but Bloggers are the nicest most generous people! My only regret is that we all don’t live in the same neighborhood!

I hope that everyone else had as sweet a spot in there week!


stacy said...

OOOh, what pretty packages! I love the color swaps you join - they look so fun!

bekka said...

gosh what lovely things you get in the mail. i loved the colorific thingy. you'll have so much fun putting all those lovelies to use.

and the bird? i love the bird. darling thing. she was sweet to include you. lucky!

Lucy said...

Wow--love the color swap, I haven't heard of that one---hmmmm might have to try to get in one of the months, especially with such a lovely package, it's very tempting. Sorry you are going through some chaos lately, the package(s) arrived just in the nick of time to give you a little bit of sunshine!

don't you just hate the DQ's of the office??? They just drain everyone! I'm lucky with the staff I have now, everyone is great....but I've definitely had my share of the meenie weenies in the past!



jen said...

thanks for posting her shop! i've already inquired about a doxie pouch!

LLA said...

ugh. Sorry to hear about all the drama... Hopefully this weekend will be sewing filled, and drama-free!

Such lovely goodies in the mail - *that's a promising start to the weekend, no???

The chickadee is just adorable - and you are a far nicer person than me! I don't know that I could bear to pass it along. (but that's just me. I'm selfish. And I like Chickadees!) :)

Raesha D said...

I'm so glad you liked your CAOK:):) Can I add your photo to our flickr group??

Anonymous said...

Hi, You have posted tons and tons since I last read! I didn't get to the fabric store Material World because I forgot the address at home on the continent. I was actually in very close vicinity last night because I visited my relatives in Acton, no trains ran, what a pain. But definitely next time. Today I went to Adornment at Battersea, fabulous African fashion show on the runway, my first visit but I will go again. Check Gizella's fashion, hand painted fabrics, yummy yummy yum!

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