Wednesday, March 14, 2007

McCall’s Early Summer 2007

McCall's has posted their Early Summer 2007 patterns on their website.

I didn't see anything terribly exciting. There are a couple that I might pick up if I catch a sale.

Here is my very humble opinion on the latest offerings.

Dress 5379: I would completely passed this one by except that Stacy mentioned it. I passes it by initially because I am not much for handkerchief hems for me personally. I do however like View C very much. Also it is made for knits which seem to be jumping out at me lately.

Top 5388: Another pattern for knits. This looks very Anthroplogie –ish to me. I like View C minus the ruffles or D is cute too.

Pants/Capris 5393: Oh sure now that ordered the Onion fly front pants with a draw string no one of the Big 4 comes out with one! I have been looking for this style for years! Oh well for $1.99 will still pick it up. Can a girl have too many pants patterns? John, you just never mind!

Skirt 5390: For some reason I like View B, it's kind of cute. I am not sure how I feel about those massive pockets though. Hmmmm....

Knit yoga/lounge wear 5398: I might not actually buy it or make it but for some reason I like the look of it. It's cute lounge wear that I could totally see my shelf wearing to sit on the porch drinking coffee on a Sat morning. To bad we don't have a porch. It's cute anyway, although I am not sure how I feel about the little shrug deally bob yet.

Most everything else I found either already done to death or just not worth mentioning.

However I did find this & just had to ask.....
Really? We are going to revisit the legging? Even in sewing patterns????

Yeah I don't think that this girl will be. Too I didn't save all my clothes from Jr high because it appears that it's all back in. Well & too bad that I couldn't actually fit into it if I had. Oh well......


Heidi said...

Leggings? Noooooooooooooo! They are an abomination. I do like that first dress and the Anthropolgie-esque blouse, though!

Shannon said...

In regards to the leggings - the girls at the high school where I teach have been wearing them for about a year now and they still look as stupid as I remember them from the 80s!!

I would have missed that wrap dress too had you not pointed it out - view C is awfully cute.

stacy said...

I like the yoga wear pattern too - I may have to pick them up when McCalls goes on sale at Joanns (as well as a few others). I have a pair of large pocket cargo type pants - they only look bad when the pockets are poofy. These look very close to the body (or pants) so I think they would look fine on.

Done By Tuesday said...

Okay, I have to come out from under my I'm trying hard...real NOT like the leggings and mini skirts...seriously trying...I just got a tiny whiff of them in school, the tail end, and I find myself exercising GREAT self control to NOT buy some. My sister already informed me that I'm 'too old' for the miniskirts I bought...poo on her...but she said I MUST draw the line at wearing leggings under them...*sigh*. I'm trying.


Sharon said...

Leggings - no! They were horrible the first time around. But, I almost hate to say this, the leggings under the minis I've seen worn by some young women are kinda cute.

Love the wrap dress pattern - especially view B