Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. ~Doug Larson

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden. ~Ruth Stout

I know that many of you wanted to know where I find the swaps I participate in when I posted about the Pink & Brown Swap. Well the lovely Rebecca & Lucy are organizing another swap!

The Spring Fling Swap!

I might add that seeing as they have started a joint blog I would guess that they plan more swaps in the future!

The deadline to sign up is March 26th if anyone is interested. I highly recommend these types of swaps. My favorite packages have come from blog organized swaps. Not that I haven't got great packages from Swap Bot swaps but it is just a little different. Also even though I have been fortunate enough to always receive a package from the swaps that I have joined I know that not everyone does. Poor Fiona got skunked on like 3 swaps last fall/winter. How stinky is that??

I hope to maybe see some of your names on the Spring Fling Swap list or maybe on future Sweet Goodness Swaps!


Chara Michele said...

I had been wondering how you found the swaps you participate in. Thanks for sharing the link!

bekka said...

that spring fling swap looked intriuging until i saw the pink and green aspect. i just say no to pink.

stacy said...

OOOH, you are so bad for posting this, don't you know I'm addicted to swaps? LOL. I may give this one a try, I'll have to think about the SPRING idea, first.

capello said...

okay, that sounds like a REALLY FUN swap. i may just sign up.

(and i like how structured it is. geesh. and i'm pretty sure i'm getting skunked on my miniswap for kids. and did you know that shipping to denmark costs an arm and leg?)

Lucy said...

MeLisa--thanks for posting the links to the swap and of course for coming back for round 2!!

I'm proud to say that we had an EXCELLENT completion for the last swap and hope to have the same results with this one as well :)

Bekka--maybe if you joined you could communicate to your partner that you want a lot less pink in your package. We are definitely flexible, but went with the pink theme again for this swap since the pink and brown one was so popular.

Capello--that sucks that you got skunked on your last swap..maybe it's still coming?? Your items were wonderful you sent (I peeked)..and you really outdid yourself sending to the kidlins as well.

One thing we forgot to add, but we will definitely ask before we partner up is who is willing to ship overseas and who isn' can be cost prohibitive for some of us. I tried to match up people in the same country last swap, just to cut down on the cost.

Stacy--I hope you do join up!

Hope everyone that stops by joins in this swap or one of our upcoming swaps!! Thanks again Melisa for posting our link!