Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Hot Patterns!

Ok I wasn’t going to post about this just yet but I just could not be quiet! See this is my 99th post on SLT! Can you believe it? I can’t honestly I wasn’t sure that I would stick with it this long & I am even more surprised that anyone wants to read 100 post of my babbling! Amazing, no?

Anyhoo I had hoped that my 99th post would something special to tell you about the 100th post & I plan to do something special for that milestone post. So there you go I hope to do something special for my 100th post.

Now what could be more special than new Hot Patterns patterns? Maybe new Hot Patterns patterns that are in collaboration with McCalls pattern company!

That is right finally one of the bit 4 has taken notice that most of what they delve out is crap & have collaborated with a fabulous fashion forward indy pattern company. The big draw back to the Hot Patterns patterns in the past is that they seem to require a lot of tweaking for most body types. According to the HP newsletter, they did the designing & tested the garment then turned it over to McCalls for the multi sized drafting, instruction writing (including pictures!) & more testing. So they should be a pretty decent pattern. But honestly how often to you make up a pattern right out of the envelope and it fits perfectly without having to adjust it? I am not sure what all the complaining about the HP’s were in the first place, but then to be fair I have only made one pair of the pants from them & they are more of a wearable muslin because I need to adjust a couple things for the next pair but there will eventually be a nest pair. I digress.. these patterns are also tagged as easy, printed on tissue, come in a regular sized pattern envelope & are priced at $11.95, as apposed to the higher prices of their other lines.

Alright so without any more rambling here are my 3 favs from the new HP line. Which by the way I hear is already in Hancock stores, can be purchased from McCalls site, Butterick’s site & Hot Pattern's site.

Sugar Babe Jacket, Pants & Tube Top – I think that I would probably add some kind of wide straps to the top to make a little more work wearable.

Butterfly Tops & Wrap Skirt – I have really been attracted to skirts lately I am not sure what has gotten into me. Also I think that these would look really cute with the trouser jeans from HP that I have already.

Cha-Cha-Cha Dresses I really like the empire waist style on me & these dresses really call to me. It might be the “fabric” that they used in the drawing or what but they are cute!

Those are the three that I would buy today if I had a Hancock’s anywhere near me. The rest I am on the fence about but let me assure you if Joann’s were to get them in & they are included with the $1.99 McCalls sale I would buy the whole lot! Then again I may still, over time because the think that there are some great pieces in there that seem to be hanging a round from season to season & might be worth the investment.

The rest of the line includes:

Triple T-Shirt Dresses – Cute cute cute, but I am not sure how cute on me. Stacy is looking at these I think so I would probably wait to see what she has to say on them.

Bubblelicious Top & Skirts – Also very cute, but I am not sure about the bubble at the bottom of the skirt & if the top would look too maternity on me. Another one to see what it looks like made up. Also I am curious about to see the top made up because it appears that the elastic is not on the shoulders? Why that matters I am not sure but it caught my attention.

Geisha Girl Jacket, Pants & Short-y Shorts I really like this jacket but I am unsure of the back zip pants for some reason I have an aversion to them. I would not wear the shorts at all but they are cute.

Good Karma Camisoles I really like the looks of these but am unsure of how I would like them on me. Again I think that Stacy has her eye on this so I will have to see how hers turn out. We are fairly close in size, well height for sure but I think that Miz Stacy might be smaller in the bum area.

Poetry In Motion Tops – Again cute but I may have something very similar in the stash & might be too blousey on me, but they remind me a lot of Anthropologie tops. I really like the one in the middle.

So there you go! I know of one lady that has already rushed to Hancocks & bought the same 3 that I want. As soon as she sews one of them up I will be calling yous attention to Melody's Blog. (lucky girl to have Hancocks that close!!!)


beki said...

I was gonna post about this after I read my Hot Patterns newsletter this morning, but held off. I'm interested to see how these make up.

Lucy said...

Melisa, I think they need to pay you to be a pattern scout!! LOL I like a lot of the same styles as you. I like the bubble shirt/skirt you linked you probably need to be very thin to wear it right. Okay so I will have you make me spaghetti strapped funky one. And I'll take the shades that come with your first model!! LOL's my 99th post too!!! Happy almost 100 birthday to you! I'm prolonging my 100th post till I finish making whatever it is I'm going to make to give away..LOL


Chara Michele said...

I thought it was pretty cool that they teamed up with McCall's for these! I don't really need any patterns right now (I really need to sew some of the ones I have already:), but I think if these did get included in a McCall's $1.99 sale at a fabric store I just might have to buy 1 or 2.

Congrats on almost reaching 100!

stacy said...

I was going to email you, but just ran across your post - I just got back from Hancocks and guess what I got? Yup, a Hot Patttern - the ChaCha dress. I hadn't planned on pickng that one up, but after looking at the envelope, I knew I had to have it.

Michee Rose said...

I read your reply at Stacy's site and wanted to thank you for the info that Hancock's is still getting the Hot Patterns. Yay! I think I'll stop there tomorrow (too many other errands tonight)
(My Hancock's is like 10min--with traffic. Just thought I'd tease you. :-D )

MéLisa said...

Michee Rose ~ Hey that is no fair!!!! (you must live in MI too then?) I think that the closest Hancocks is either Kentwood or GR. I am going to see about getting up there in the next couple of weeks to check one out before they close. Hmph! 10 min indeed! (I couldn't find an e-mail for you so I hope that maybe you'll see this)

Anonymous said...

I picked the same 3 patterns! The good news is they were on sale at my very nearby Hancock's store. The bad news is its because they are closing:(!!! All the clerks were in a state of shock---me too, they are the best around. Sigh, I Do like those patterns, though.


Rebecca said...

ACK! Must have new sewing machine STAT! Congrats on your upcoming 100th post!

Lucy said...

Okay Melisa, time to unveil your 100th post!! LOL hope you've had a good week :)


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who would like to sell their Hot Pattern Triple T-Shirt Dess Pattern, I am searching for one and they are sold out everywhere. I just found out about Hot Patterns and I love this pattern and would love to make it.