Monday, March 05, 2007

The sewing machine joins what the scissors have cut asunder, plus whatever else comes in its path. ~Mason Cooley*

In Seattle you haven't had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it's running. ~Jeff Bezos*

What a fun filled weekend!

Saturday was a waste between the Dr office & the over 1 hour & 15 minutes that I had to stand & wait for the prescriptions to be filled(Rite Aid you suck with trying to cut costs & only having 2 people on staff during cold & flu season!!!!). John has a sinus infection & a pretty bad one at that. Then it was home to load him up on a drug stores worth of meds. I made chicken noodle soup for dinner (with homemade noodles! Yum!) along with a loaf my favorite Sour Cream Banana Bread. Sorry no pictures & seeing as the bread is ½ gone & the lid to the Tupperware stuck to the top of the bread you wouldn’t really want to see it anyway, but it still tastes yummy!

So Sunday I actually got to sew! Yeah! The only really stinky thing is that my serger is a big o’l piece of ……Well you know! My mom took it back to FL to have “our sewing machine guy” work on it because here in SW MI even though you are a Pfaff dealer you apparently don’t have a clue about them but will still charge a girl $30 to tell her that the God awful clunking that her serger is making is just because it is a noisy serger! I didn’t realize that it still made the noisy till I got it home. FL Sewing Machine Guy sent mine back & it was ok, as ok as it gets when I first started sewing my Onion 5038 T-shirt. I went over the shoulder seam when I was attaching the neck binding (not at a breakneck pace either I might add) & Hello God Awful Clunking! GRRRRRR!!! John was able to get an allen wrench & readjust the thread guide right above the needles (which is hitting the underside of the case causing the clunking) but there must be something else that is happening to make this happen because the piece that holds the needle that the thread guide screws too can’t move. Once we get that fixed. Now my stitch is all crap. So it was back to sewing & then zig zagging the edges on the regular machine. Fine serger, have it your way. You will just be used for finishing.

Ok sorry about my serger rant & on with what I have to show for all my serger aggravation:

Ta Da!
Onion #5038 -

It is the same pattern that Stacy recently reviewed , only I opted for the long sleeve version with the curved hem & haven’t add buttons yet. I made the small, as my fabric is only a cotton jersey (maybe some poly) but no lycra. I was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough stretch for the x-small. When I make it again from a stretchier fabric I will make the x-small.

I made it to go with my favorite lounge pants from the Jan 2006 - Burda WOF.
Not the best picture but you get the idea. The pant color & T trim are much closer in color in real life.

I love both of these & will definitely be making more. I have a stretch terry in the same pink as the T-shirt knit to make another pair of the lounge pants & more than enough of the aqua knit from the T trim to make another T. That one will have pink trim!

Then I would like to make this T in a stretchier knit. Also I would like to see how it would look in a print with a solid trim. Also I want to make a couple in more solid color combos to showcase some really fab vintage buttons. After all the wonderful Pink & Brown Goodness Heidi bestowed on me I am so tempted to get some nice cotton lycra in pink & brown to make one of each with contrasting trim & awesome buttons!!!!

Ohhhhh the ideas abound!!!!!!!

I can see this being a wardrobe staple for years to come! I am so glad that Stacy talked me into ordering it! (I totally blame her!)

* Quote Garden After all the wonderful Pink & Brown Goodness Hiedi bestowed on me


bekka said...

you are too busy. too productive! i don't think i did much of anything except for a little bit of knitting. sorry to hear about your serger. i've always wanted one. i have all sorts of problems with my sewing machines. i'm always taking one or the other to get it repaired. it's a good thing i've got a spare. actually 2 spares, but i don't use the circa 1890-something treadle machine that was my great-gmas because.... well, just because.

capello said...

you are making clothes?! clothes?! ::bowing::

LLA said...

Hope John is feeling much better - you are a very, very good wife!

Homemade noodles, get out of town! Who knew you could make those? Of course, I didn't realize that real people could actually make clothes, either! Sure, I've seen patterns in fabric stores. But I've never actually known anyone who could honestly make a garment. I. am. beyond. impressed!

Oh - sour cream banana bread sounds very, very tasty (says LLA - not so subtly hinting for the recipe!)

Heidi said...

I love that top and pants, and add me to the list of people who are TOTALLY impressed that you make clothes that you can wear and that are really cute!
Oh, and the coffee quote cracked me up!

Lucy said...

I'm bowing down to you as well Melisa! I am lucky to make a pillow that one MIGHT want to put on their couch (at least one in the den), let alone something you cna wear...LOL. The shirt looks uber comfy, will go great with your lounge pants, nice job so far!


stacy said...

I am just loving this top - I think it's going to be so comfy with those pants (now, I must make those pants). I'm glad that I could 'talk you into it' - I like being a pattern\fabric\notion enabler...LOL

beki said...

That top is sooo great! I love it! I may have to check out that pattern.