Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Amy Butler Patterns.

I have signed up for her e-mail newsletters I don't know how many times but I never seem to get them! Oh well.

Monkey Foot Designs as 4 of the 6 new patterns that Amy will have out this Spring & Summer on her Blog.

I really like the two bag patterns, Stash & Dash & the Frenchy Bags.

The Barcelona Skirt & the Blue Sky Hats are also very cute, but I mostly likely will not be buying them. But they are pretty eye candy to look at!


Lucy said...

I love her fabric, and the frenchy bags are just tooo cute! I want one! I guess I better rev up ole betsy if I'm to get one ;)


Chara Michele said...

I really like that Barcelona Skirt and the Stash & Dash bags!

beki said...

Hmm, this is good to know!

bekka said...

oh i should sign up for the email newsletters, too. her patterns are luscious!

stacy said...

Did you see that PR is already selling them???? My paypal account is going to catch on fire from too much activity this month. ROFL.