Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? ~Author Unknown *

Oil and potatoes both grow underground so french fries may have eventually produced themselves, had they not been invented. ~J. Esther*

I have been really inspired & made hungry by a lot of blogs & post lately. Like here & here**.

So seeing as I have nothing sewing, crafting, thrifting or in general fun to share I thought that I would show ya what I made for dinner last night after seeing LLA’s cute little square burgers, that she was inspired to make after seeing them at Never Trust a Skinny Chef.

Mine aren't square, nor are they on the all too yummy Hawaiian buns (do you think that the $%#@ store had them, Nooooooooo!). But they were very good jus the same.

I had to make a couple little changes. I haven't bought ground beef since fall of '04 when John started hunting, so I had to sub venison for that. Which is fine except because it is so lean it doesn't stick together without some help. I added ab egg & some bread crumbs along with my Montreal Seasoning. That is why mine aren't square.

I served some very excellent-if-I-do-say-so-myself homemade applesauce that Mom & I made this past fall.
Homemade applesauce
Along with these little tasty gems: Alexia Olive Oil, Rosemary & Garlic Oven Fries Yummy!

I hadn't seen these before but they are very good & have 0 grams of trans fats! Rock on!***

*Quotes courtesy of Quote Garden
**Laura I can't wait till you get pictures! Hint Hint!
*** I might add that if you check out their site they have a bunch of other products & you can register to get coupons! Could it get any better??!!! Well sure, but you know the whole glass 1/2 full thing & looking on the bright side stuff. (psst LLA, coupons! ;)


Heidi said...

That french fry quote made me LOL! :) That burger looks delish and those fries--YUM! I'll have to keep an eye out for those at the store.

LLA said...

I'm so excited that you tried them, and even more excited that they turned out so nicely! For a second, I thought that we had dished our respective dinners up on the exact same plate - but upon closer inspection I think yours is cobalt, mine the juniper... Still, got to love the Fiestaware...

And the only thing I love more than coupons? Homemade applesauce! How good does that look???

And now I'm hustling off to go check out the coupons... Hee!

LLA said...

Oh - and BTW - *I* ate some animal crackers the other night. Turns out they were suprisingly high in calories and fat. Very disappointed in that, since of course I didn't notice that until after they were already eaten....

meg said...

Man, I wish I had some homemade applesauce from last fall! I really have to remember to make more next year and freeze it. Ooh, and aren't those Alexia fries the best?! The sweet potato ones are good, too. Thanks for the coupon tip!