Friday, March 09, 2007

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. ~Jack London


Well we learned yesterday that John had has to work this Sat. Bummer! He has to work one Sat a month & it is supposed to be the 3rd Sat of the month but something with the # of Sat in March makes it work out that he has to work tomorrow. Poor thing. He was so looking forward to 2 days of rest as he is not over his sinus infection yet.

The good thing is that I should be able to get some sewing done! Lemonaid from lemons my dears!

Now I have a ton of sewing orders that I should be working on. A fellow shooter dropped off fabric for 3 additional vest to me last night. I need to draw up a pattern to fit his tall thin frame first. I might try to do that & get the vest cut out. Also I have another vest & 2 other shirts that still need cutting out for some other guys. I would like to get those cut out as well.

Then there is this WIP that I have been working on quite a bit lately.

WIP - Split riding skirt panel

It goes with these pockets.

When I was home sick it was the only thing that I could bare to work on because I didn’t have to leave the couch! It is the front panel of the split skirt. I need to get the rest of the skirt cut out. Maybe I will have a cutting fest & add it to the pile of cutting listed above.

I also have these WIP’s:

WIP - Fabric

The 3 fabrics in the back row, left & center, are thrifted sheets & on the right pillowcases. I have an idea that I have been working out in my mind for something for my Etsy shop. You didn’t know that I had an Etsy shop? That’s because I have never put anything in it! I’ll keep you posted as to how that goes.

The purple fabric in the front right is going to eventually become the Onion 5036 Blouse. The other fabric is a slinky knit that I am not sure what I will make out if it yet. It matches a skirt that I already own & some fabric that has yet to become a skirt, but I haven’t decided on a top pattern yet.

One last item, a completed WIP! I know that you will remember how I was going on & on about my bosses’ daughter’s wedding and what to wear. I actually did finish the dress, but didn’t get to wear it. There was a wardrobe malfunction with the velvet duster jacket that I was going to wear with it. As it was in the teens the day of the wedding I did feel that I would be any where near warm enough in a sleeveless dress & no cover up. I opted for wearing something else. It was more business like than I would have liked but warm.
New Look Dress.
However when the next event that requires a dress arises I am ready! I like the way the dress turned out except for the zipper in the back. I don’t think that it was my doing but the zipper at the bottom wants to bow out. It could be because the skirt is cut on the bias I am not sure. I might be able to iron it into submission or maybe by wearing the dress it will work it’s self out? I am not sure & seeing as it is still in the 20’s I won’t worry about it right now. Here is the close up of the bodice detail.
New Look Dress - Detail

I would love to hear what is on everyone else’s weekend to do list!

I hope that everyone has a great & productive weekend!


Heidi said...

Bummer about the duster, but the dress turned out cute! I can't wait to see what you do with the sheets/pillowcases. I have a slight obsession with vintage pillowcases and the only thing I know how to make from them is pillowcase dresses for little girls. I love to see what others have done. Did you see Alicia's cute bags from old sheets over at Posie gets Cozy?

bekka said...

that's my favorite quote! and i'm such a London fan, too. how nice to see you express it here on your blog.

look at you all busy like. so many projects to work on. wow.

capello said...

pretty sheets. preeeeeettttteeeeee...

stacy said...

Oh my gosh, I love that dress!! It turned out beautifully.

Hummm, this weekend? I'm anxiously awaiting my March Burda, so if it arrives tomorrow - maybe the Anthropologie Duro like top. If not, maybe work on some swap items.

Lucy said...

I love the dress, the purple trim really makes it stand out. Tell us what your plans are for the pillowcases...curious minds wanna know!

Hope this weekend is a productive one with your sewing orders, rev that machine up missy!

This weekend for us....yard saling Saturday (must get to bed soon so I can get up in the morning), hair cuts and hopefully do a little yard work, then I'm going to make a couple of things that peeps from work are going to buy from me. :) How could I forget...RELAXING! That's our weekend in a nutshell..boring, huh? :)


Chara Michele said...

I love the dress! It really turned out gorgeous, too bad you didn't get to wear it. Although I know about needing to stay warm, sometimes it is just way more important:)

LLA said...

Sorry that John has to work - but on the bright side, you can be crafty all day, without feeling guilty about not spending time together. Also - sounds like a great excuse for a Saturday Night Date Night!!!!

Your dress turned out go beautifully! I love how beautifully classic and stunningly simple it it....

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Beautiful detailing. It's the little customizing that really sets sewing a garment apart. Great Job!